About Us

Who We Are

Pancake XR is a consumer electronics brand focusing on Virtual Reality & Argmented Reality Head devices. Our team is comprised of creative and vigourious young scientists, designers, hardware engineers, and software developers with over 10 years of know-how. We are originated from Skyworth VR team, who mainly provide enterprise business solutions in the past several years. Pancake was created to meet consumer market.

What We Do

We design, phototype, test, and manufacture the best XR headsets with premium quality and user experience. We have developed over 20 phototypes and mockups in the past 5 years, and shipped more than 100,000 units to some 500 business partners in over 20 countries. We are perfectly positioned to leverage all our know-hows and resources to create the best XR products

Why Choose Us

As a long-time partner to a group of top suppliers such as Qualcomm & Samsung, we have good access to the best chips and other key components which a good XR headsets requires; on the meanwhile, we can take good advantage of the world top tier production facility(from Skyworth Group) which are ISO 9001 certificated with tough reliability tests procedures to ensure the premium quality of each unit.

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