Bring Museum Home via VR

Traditionally, museums have always been quiet and solemn, and people can only visit them on site. Even some cultural relics cannot be entered, and it is difficult to see the scene. With the continuous development and popularization of VR, it is like moving cultural relics into your own home, which can be visited at any time. This high-tech transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Some museums have launched VR video online tour pathway, breaking the boundaries of museum visits, displaying folk culture, historical relics, and cultural history through advanced technology, bringing you back to ancient scenes, and making cultural relics come alive. The online VR research museum can immerse people in it, better meet the needs of various groups of people, and allow the masses to take a cultural journey “as they please”.

In addition, the VR panoramic exhibition hall also reduces the demand of tourists affected by the epidemic. During the epidemic, risk control prevented people from traveling, and VR allows people to visit and browse without leaving home. People can not only see ancient cultural relics, but also ensure their own safety. Skyworth VR welcomes museum operators in the cultural and tourism industry to carry out business development and project cooperation, to promote cultural online, and to give people out of town on a cultural journey.

In the VR virtual museum, 3D technology can be used to realistically reproduce the collections in the museum into a 3D virtual scene, so that visitors can not only watch the whole picture from a distance, but also watch their materials and patterns at a close distance, and feel the legacy left by history and culture. Traces, combined with audio explanations, allow people to understand the story behind each cultural relic, so that people have a deeper feeling for history and culture.

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