Halloween is Coming, Time for a VR Horror Movie?

As a movie fan who likes to watch horror movies and watched a lot of them in the theater, although I fancy the exciting scene of the horror moment, I always feel scared to the point of trembling when it comes to the critical moment. After peeking it through the fingers gaps, I comforted myself with the “bold” name. However, when it comes to the time for a VR horror movie, you are even not able to cover your eyes, or hinding under the bed or sheet, you can only take off the VR headset instead.

If 2D/3D horror movies suggests the patients with heart disease to consider carefully before they watch, then VR horror movies may scare a normal people out of heart disease! The most famous 2D horror scene is Sadako crawling out of a TV, VR horror movies are a hundred times more terrifying than Sadako crawling on your bed and calling you husband. According to some guy who experienced a VR horror movie for the first time, he said that the feeling of using VR to experience a horror movie is much more immersive than all the 2D horror movies that he had seen before, and he was already frightened by the 360 degree setting scene rendered the first minute he put on a VR headset, and he was tring hard to endure and insist on it. However, only a few minutes later, he was so frightened that he took off the headset swiftly. If you like to watch horror movies, you should try VR as soon as possible. When you looked at Sadako in his VR glasses, you will be scared to pee in a few seconds. Panoramic video can cure cervical spondylosis!

When a dude was playing a game, he was overwhelmed by the horror that suddenly appeared, and punched through the screen.

Watching horror movies in VR is very different from normal 2D/3D horror movies in screen. When the audience is immersed in a horror movie with a VR headset, they are basically in a state of being slaughtered by the movie. Resistance will not help anything, even if they are punched and kicked. It’s useless, you can only passively bear all the shocks, unless you take off the VR glasses, but thanks to the immersion of VR, the audience is likely to forget that they are in the virtual world, as when being scared in real life, nobody’s The first reaction is to take off the glasses? If you want to watch VR horror movies, you must have a strong heart.

We also contacted a psychiatrist for consultation. He said: “2D horror films have already caused a certain psychological shadow to many audiences, and even severe depression can even lead to mild depression. Although there is no scientific experiments have shown that horror movies can directly cause mental damage to the audience, but from the perspective of most clinical symptoms, horror movies do cause pressure or other types of chain reactions on the audience’s psychology. The emerging form of VR is very important for the horror atmosphere. In this atmosphere, the audience’s curiosity will be more easily stimulated by VR horror movies, so I suggest that minors under 16, the seniors and people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should try their best to avoid watching VR horror movies, otherwise, even if there is no immediate impact at the time, long time after they watched, it might still cause psychological trauma and physical damage that is difficult to recover shortly, in some extreme cases, it can be life-threatening.

So, after the reading this article, are you going to watch a VR horror movie for the upcoming Halloween?

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