How to Feel Cold in Virtual Reality World?

Christmas is just this weekend, if it is a Christmas virtual world, what will we experience?

We can choose to be Santa Nicholas, riding a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer, entering the house through the chimney on Christmas night, and placing presents in the socks on the children’s beds. Wearing a red cotton coat and a funny red Santa hat, he went to every place in the world where gifts are needed.

Of course, we can also choose to be a child, put a big sock on the head of the bed sooner or later, decorate the Christmas tree with our friends, prepare Christmas dinner, and feel the lively atmosphere of Christmas.

In this Christmas VR world, we have many options, and we can even make Christmas a little more magical, with mermaids, Cinderella and dragons…

However, we first need to feel the cold in the VR virtual reality world.

Very simple question, but very difficult to do. Current VR virtual reality devices are mainly PC-side head-mounted displays and mobile-side head-mounted displays. However, these two headsets can only affect our vision and hearing, and have nothing to do with the tactile perception of “feeling cold”. Motion capture, sensors, real venues, myoelectric simulation and brain wave control, there is no interactive way that can make us feel the cold in VR virtual reality.

It’s really not possible to do this at the moment, but it will most likely be possible in below 2 ways in the future:
1. The interaction method of the real scene can do this. The real scene is to simulate the environment of the virtual world in the physical world, but there is no doubt that this method can only be used in specific scenes and requires a large investment interactive mode.
2. The interaction method of the brain-computer interface that Musk, the richest man, is investing. This interaction method has appeared in many movie or TV works, such as The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell. If the technology eventually develops to a proper level, then this kind of interaction may actually be possible.

As a technology that “deceives” our perception, VR virtual reality is now able to deceive our sense of sight and hearing. So, one day, will it be possible to deceive our sense of touch and make us feel the coldness of the VR virtual world? Achieved it.

Pancake XR wishes you a Happy VR Christmas!

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