How Virtual Reality can Help Real Estate Industry

What is VR Real Estate?

In front of you is an open space, and in a few seconds a tall building rises out of thin air. You see the grandeur of this place, the convenient transportation here, and the high-end facilities here. At this time, do you want to immediately move yourself in to your dream house? This is the combination of VR and real estate.

Especially under the future real estate purchase system, when you buy a house, which is still under construction or in the blueprint. How can you make a quick decision to buy your ideal home that does not exist yet, so VR+ real estate is a good way to display it, and it is definitely the best way to open consumers’ wallets by depicting a better future life for consumers in advance.

VR in real estate: seeing is believing

When you see it, you will believe it, and if you believe it, you will act, and you will pay for it. The combination of VR and real estate is a very successful model in the current VR+ industry application, and it is involved in all aspects of real estate.

First, planning. This plan does not only refer to the houses on the ground, but also the underground water supply and drainage system, the power grid and the gas network, and the surrounding road traffic and so on. There are many projects now, especially in key urban planning areas, such as the Super Headquarters Base construction project I have done before. Relevant planning should be completed in advance before construction, but this planning is often presented in the form of data, such as BIM building information system or GIS geographic information system. For the Party A to be delivered to, visualization is a better way , the freely interactive VR is a good means of visual enhancement in the planning process, so that the decision-maker of Buyer party can intuitively see all aspects of the construction.

Second, design. In the previous design stage, a lot of time cost was consumed in the process of communicating with Party A, and a lot of time cost was generated by coordinating the design between internal departments, but these tasks can be completed in VR design software. For the oil pipeline design system I have done before, Party A hopes that we can connect the design software and VR, just like the file system in the local area network, everyone can edit this file, even in a virtual space Complete the design work. Communicating with Party A in a different place can also be done easily. Just invite Party A to this virtual space, and you can convey the plan you want to express to them.

Third, browse. In the real estate sales process, VR viewing can greatly enhance the customer experience. The on-site model room is limited, and customers always have all kinds of flourishing ideas. You can’t prepare them well in advance and can display them in front of them physically. At this time, you need to use VR technology to generate customer favorites. Decoration style, material furniture, etc. It not only saves the construction cost of real estate developers, but also saves the time cost of consumers. In advance, you can look at it from VR, and then go to the ground to take a closer look.

Fourth, Decorate. Everyone buys or rents a house, and it will definitely involve decoration and furniture. Whether you purchase it yourself or hand it over to a decoration company, whether it is a full package or a half package, or purely do it by yourself. How do you know that the exquisite furniture you see in Ashley Homestore will also have the same looking in your living room. Is the style fit the setting? Is the size is appropriate, and how does your girlfriend/boyfriend think about it? You need a virtual space, which is the size of your real house, so that you can put what you want in advance and create your own cozy nest.

VR + real estate does not have any technical obstacles, so it can indeed help solve practical problems. Now, whether it is a private real estate company or a house broker, or even the government’s public rental project, VR house viewing has become an indispensable part. The business solution and model are well established now and more and more property marking agency and broker company are using it. Will you have a try for your next dream house?

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