How Virtual Reality can Improve Sleep Quality?

The world is getting faster and faster, competition is getting here and there, and psychological pressure and mental health problem are also increasing. For some people, sleeping is the most difficult thing to do. But nowadays, poor sleep quality is a common health concern affecting all age groups. People are frustrated by insomnia, and cannot fall into sleep in the middle of the night even if they have worked all the day and tired. Human body needs sleep to revive it, so insomnia impacts many other aspects of individual’s life. How can virtual reality technology help these people to improve the sleep quality?

Research found that the VR can provide the immersive experience to transport yourself to a calm and peaceful digital environment, which help people relax to focus on their sleep environment. According to the developers, in the production of VR scenes, both the frequency of the sound and the layout of the scene are carefully designed so that the patient can achieve the best psychological state. It is worth mentioning that different people have different reasons for insomnia, often due to differences in gender, age, etc., so need to provide the most suitable treatment scenarios for different types of insomnia patients.

Virtual reality technology combined with hypnosis technology enables patients to fall asleep. According to traditional hypnotic techniques combined with targeted scene in VR headset, leading patients to enter the first stage of sleep quickly, then slowly enter the second stage, and gradually enter the stage of deep sleep. There is also have a wake-up mechanism in the end to let participants return to real world. This treatment requires the patients to lie on the bed and let the muscle relax. Taking the ocean scene as an example, through VR headset and hypnotic techniques, patients are immersed in the scene, watching and experiencing the underwater world that they gradually relax. Their consciousness sink into the sea, the deeper the darker and their bodies became heavier and heavier. You can imagine there are many underwater animal surrounding and slowly fell asleep. After a certain course treatment, insomniacs can build a mental reflection mechanism, and their sleep habit can be improved gradually.

Sleep disturbance is a universal problem, but virtual reality technology can help to relieve the trouble. Trying this treatment if you are frustrated by insomnia.




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