How Virtual Reality can Transform the Business Meetings

During the pandemic, many conferences have been canceled, many tradeshow events have been delayed, many companies have to choose the online meeting such as Zoom for the lockdown employees and people have to work from home. Zoom meeting is becoming the largest on-line meeting App now. The biggest benefit of the online meeting is it can be held in everywhere, regardless of physical distance. However, online meeting has its limitations, as it cannot provide people with a face-to-face immersive meeting experience with eye contact and body gesture. Virtual reality technology is coming along to solve this problem.

How virtual reality technology create an immersive meeting like a real one? First of all, you can create your personal avatar, then using the VR headset to enter the virtual meeting space. When you enter the virtual meeting room, you can feel the same as you sit in the real world. The virtual meeting room can reflect the real word into the virtual world, which means even if you are in a virtual space wearing a VR headset, you can use your real-world computer to retrieve content, take notes, and even share your computer screen with other people in the room. Head and hand tracking technology is also included in the VR meeting solution. How you face act in the real-world is tracked and reproduced in the virtual world in your avatar. For example, if you blink your eyes and smile to the right direction, your avatar would also do the same to your colleague’s avatar in the virtual meeting room.

VR meeting is an unprecedented and innovative meeting experience, it not only can make the meeting more real and face-to-face, but also allow people to use more multi-media technology such as video, photo, graphic, or even PowerPoint & Excel to show what they share or talk about. Everyone can chat, shake hands, and communicate with each other in the virtual space. Although their office locations are different, they can still feel “together”, which plays a positive role in strengthening teamwork.

In a virtual space, participants can get real-time verbal communication and even somatosensory communication without being bound by the location of the meeting. Participants can be at home or in the company, which provides participants with diverse and rich interactive experience. According to the nature and needs of the conference, VR conference/exhibition is divided into full virtual and semi-virtual. All-virtual refers to the construction of a new virtual space, in which objects, characters, scenes, etc. are all completed through modeling; all-virtual VR conferences are more common in press conferences, summits, industry conferences, etc. As the name implies, semi-virtual is partially virtual, and some of its items and scenes are actually shot, and combined with virtual space and modeling to form a complete online exhibition. And semi-virtual is mainly used in some large-scale exhibitions. The exhibits at the exhibition are presented in the mode of panoramic showing. The demostration can be virtual, but the products is real.

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