In-vehicle VR is Booming, Will You Try it?

It’s really boring as a passenger on a long trip because there’s a limit to what you can do in a moving car. Despite the amazing advancements in automotive technology over the past few decades, in-car entertainment and passenger experience have remained the same. So ever since the VR is booming in the past several years, the research of in-vehicle VR experience has rushed to the forefront of the VR industry, because in-vehicle VR entertainment can greatly relieve the fatigue of long-time ride.

Based on holographic entertainment content and experience, when you put on the VR headset in the car and pick up the controller, the scene in front of you will change immediately. Real-time connection of vehicle motion and location-awareness data to create ultra-immersive in-vehicle VR gaming experiences. The most interesting feature which apart it from the in-house VR, is that the game can also change as the vehicle moves. For instance, when the car accelerates, the virtual spaceship also accelerates synchronously. Immersive gaming experiences can bring people a unique experience they have never seen before, and people are willing to be passengers.

How to realize in-car game interaction? In fact, the interaction methods of in-vehicle games mainly include VR headset, handle, gestures, audio, etc. During driving, the combination of visual, sound, vibration, wind, ambient light, etc. brings players a more immersive gaming experience. There is a wide variety of in-car games designed to give us a more personalized experience. Games designed in the future will include virtual game dress-up, ACGN, chess and card, racing, etc. Moreover, there are also some educational and interactive gaming experiences to diversify in-car gaming for kids.

In the hardware side, a lightweight and easy-to-wear VR headset that supports an elevated passenger experience and can be worn for extended periods of time without any discomfort or pressure. Pancake 1 is the one to achieve this, it is light in weight, small in size, and able to flip up when you want to take a break from the Metaverse or let your eye skin get some fresh air.

When self-driving driving becomes more and more popular in the future, in-vehicle VR entertainment can greatly eliminate the boring moments on the road and bring new interesting pastimes to passengers. If we want to maximize the value of the moving space of the car cockpit, VR provides us with a good solution. In the VR virtual space, the car is not only a means of transportation, but also a mobile office, a mobile cinema, and a mobile chess and card room. The few square meters of physical space in the car cockpit will be blessed by VR to obtain unlimited space expansion, and free switch.

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