Metaverse Concert, Where Your Idol Sings in Front of You

Virtual concerts in the Metaverse have opened up a whole new way for fans to adore idols. In traditional concerts, fans have limited viewing vision and a single way of interacting with idols. The concert in the metaverse breaks through physical limitations, and the singer’s costumes, props and stage effects are ever-changing. Fans can set up virtual avatars to participate and interact closely with singers or idols. NFT-based performance tickets, virtual props, digital peripherals, etc. can also satisfy fans’ imaginations.

For the audience, the biggest difference (theoretically) between Metaverse concerts and traditional online concerts is the interactive experience.

Compared with TV live show, VR live show are more immersive. In a VR headset, you will feel like you are in the concert scene, sitting with thousands of fans, listening to idols singing, and singing with fans. More importantly, you never have to worry about crowd of entering or exiting the stadium. In traditional online performances, there is almost no interaction for ordinary audiences. Same as watching live TV streaming, there seems to be no extra experience. You can only see the concert from a fixed angle, and clearly feel that the distance between you and your idol is still separated. There is no multiple angle (camera) to watch the concert. But in the concert in the metaverse, although you still can’t interact with idols, but your viewing experience has been greatly improved. Take a typical VR concert as an example, it has a total of 5 major viewing angles, covering the direction from left to right, the distance from the stage from near to far, and the viewing angle from head-up to overlooking, and you can also set the visual angle. Far and near, these can be controlled by the the viewer freely. What is more, you can offer flowers and gifts to your idol to show your love.


The Epic “Fortnite” game contains several impressive virtual concerts. Famous pop singer Travis Scott “raged” everywhere in the concert with the size of a skyscraper, and more than 12 million players around the world participated at the same time. Fans bounced and floated with the weightlessness of the stage during the famous DJ Marshmello concert, and pop singer Ariana Grande opened with a surf on the Rainbow Circuit. Rapper Lil Nas X’s concert on “Roblox” attracted more than 30 million fans. Fans can also purchase Lil Nas X digital goods such as digital doubles, commemorative goods and emoticons in the digital store.

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