Pancake XR Shows its New VR Solution at IBC2022

During the 4-day IBC Show 2022 in Amsterdam from Sep. 9 to Sep. 12, over 200 professional visitors stopped by and gathered around the booth of Pancake XR, experiencing in the unprecedented and innovative all-in-one VR headsets. IBC is the world’s largest content & technology trade show where media content provider & operators get together to exchange the frontier technologies, inspirations, ideas, and tools.

Pancake 1 is a lightweight VR headset that uses the ultra-short focus optic solutions. The most comfortable virtual reality experience of 3D movie and game is available at Pancake 1. it is only 189gram weight, and fullly head mounted headband, which makes the weight are perfected evenly distributed. As soon as the visitors put on the headset, they can play around of the game of Beat Saber or watch a 360 degree movie in the outer space. When an incoming call rings, they can flip up the lenses and handle the business, and they flip down to resume the movie or game. This is a perfect outdoor companion, as people do not have to take off and put on the headband when they need to back to the real world.

At the show, many visitors are encouraged to have a try on their own. Visitors are also surprised by the intuitive software design that they can learn to operate the device smoothly just by instinct. This is an experience product which can be hardly described by words. Everyone should try it and will like it. The first impression is the compact size. “This is a real innovation, very small-sized, which I don’t feel any weight when I wear it.” Said John Cartledge, who is a content director in a UK media group. “Our users who are using VR contents are expanding dramatically, Pancake 1 can be a perfect tool to help viewers to spend more time in our platform, without any heavy weight on the head for long time. ”

Besides the lightweight, the performance is also marvelled by the people who tried it. “The 3D setting is very real, I can feel I am slashing blocks in a cool cyber world with 2 lightsabers, avoid bombs, duck obstacles, and it turns the boring workout into a chanlleging game in arcades with music-rhythm movement and dance. I feel so free and satisfied when I successfully hit all the blocks.” A woman who is obviouly new any VR device said after she tried the device at the show. Powered by Snapdragon XR 2 chip, with 5K hight resolution fast LCD screen, Pancake 1 is the perfect device to play any games in the STEAM and able to hardware decoding any 8K video footage shot by the recently released DJI AVATA.


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