PANCAKE XR to Bring the Pancake 1 to IBC2022

IBC2022, the world’s most inspiring content and technology event, which has been a place not only for exhibitors from all over the world to unveil their new technology and initiatives, but also a channel for visitors to experience in person with the most frontier gadgets & contents. Some 1000 exhibitors confirmed to attend the event this year. PANCAKE XR, a leading virtual reality headset developer, will also take its new generation all-in-one 6 DoF VR headset Pancake 1 to the show. Let us take a deep look at the product.

Firstly, this is a lightweight & comfortable headset. The weight is only 189 gram, which is about same as an apple. The new product abandons the traditional Fresnel lens and uses pancake ultra-short optical solution, which leads to the result that the wight & size is significantly deminished. Compared with the traditional popular VR devices such as Oculus(Meta) Quest 2 or HTC VIVE series, Pancake 1 can replace the shoebox on your pretty face, and even after hours of games or movies, there will be no dizzy feeling, red marking or ruinned hairdo.

The bold and unprecedented ID design is also unique and stylish. Almost all the all-in-one VR headset circles the whole head and when someone wants to take it off, the whole headband need to be removed and held with your hands. However, Pancake 1 is a game changer. With the convenient flip-up design, it allows the wearer to flip up the optics freely like a sunglass lens when necessary, without taking down the whole headband. When you are ready to go back the VR world, just flip down and get back to the movie or game. This is a true innovation which solves the problem of using VR headset in long and boring public transportation journey such a plane, bus or train. You can flip up to swipe the metro card/bus ticket or show your boarding card, then sit down and flip down to resume. The headset is always on your head without occupping your hands or eyes.

As virtual reality games and contents are getting inceasingly enjoyable and interesting, people are spending more and more hours in the metaverse, and when the mind is having the great time, the physical body would also be willing to feel comforable during the journey. A brilliant consumer products always fit as more people physically as possible, Pancake 1 is not an exception. You need to wear your nearsighted glasses when use a Meta Quest 2, otherwise, you will see a blurred visual world. However, one of the traits of the pancake solution is the focus adjustment, if your diopter range is among 0-500°, you can drop your glasses when wears Pancake 1.  Besides the diopter, the IPD(Interpupillary Distance) & headband size are also variable to fit the sweet spot of each individual.

On the hardware side, the Pancake 1 is also very powerful. The all-in-one headset is embedded 8K video hardware decoding system with 5K display clear picture and smooth high-definition. PANCAKE XR’s self-developed 6 DoF algorithm, ultra-low latency, millimeter-level accurate positioning, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, using 6G+128G large storage space, the on-site experience is very exciting. Users can also enjoy 3,000 inches in a multi-person theater, just invite your friends to the same virtual theater when you are in differnt cities or countries. On the mean while, PANCAKE XR are in cooperation with 2 major content platform STEAM & HTC VIVE to ensure the users can play the upate-to-the-date VR games and Applications.


Want to have a hand-on for the Pancake 1?

Come and visit our booth at IBC2022:

Booth: Stand-D 19, Hall 1.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sep. 9-12, 2022

Please stay tuned on our twitter with latest updates about our participation.

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