PANCAKE XR is Launching its Revolutionary VR Device at IFA 2022

IFA, the Europe’s largest show for consumer electronics and home appliances kicks off today in Berlin. This premier annual tradeshow brings together consumer technology product manufacturers and service suppliers around the world. It is reported that more than 1,454 exhibitors will present their latest tech products to more than 245,000 visitors and some 6,000 journalists from 160 countries during this five-day event from Sep. 2 to Sep. 6.

PANCAKE XR (Formerly Skyworth VR), a leading extended reality headset developer, will make its global debut in IFA 2022, showing its the latest virtual reality product to the European technophiles. Pancake 1, the world’s smallest all-in-one (AIO) 6DoF VR headset will be officially unveiled during the trade show. The device adopts the latest pancake optics solution, which cuts the lenses weight by half of the traditional Fresnel lenses, and shrinks the volume by 3/4 compared with old-style AIO such as Oculus 2. Embedded with the world’s most advanced 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip, Pancake 1 is capable of handling large data game & 8K 360-degree video with unrivaled performance. 2 Fast-LCD 2280×2280 screens with 1512 PPI and 90Hz fresh rate ensure the users can enjoy the industry leading 5K high resolution visual quality.

Beside the powerful performance, the standalone device is designed to be truly portable and comfortable at the weight of only 189g, a perfect companion to turn a long-time, boring plane or subway ride into a marvelous IMAX adventure. When you need to talk to a steward for a drink or check out how many stations away from your destination, there is no need to take off the helmet, just flip up the lenses and exit to the real world in less than 1 second, handle the chores quickly, and flip down back to the metaverse. The device delivers zero pressure on the nose, the already very few weights are evenly distributed on the front and the back of the head. Comfortability is guaranteed because of not only the lightness, but also the art of balance.

A good device considers the difference between each individual. For people with nearsighted eyes, Pancake 1 offers independent 0-500° diopters adjustment, which means each eye can see their best clarity. The interpupillary distance (IPD) vary from one to another. A 10-year-old son and his father can easily set to their sweet spot for the clarity and comfort with when they share a device. User with different head size can also tighten the headband thru the knob until it feels firm and snug.

At the first 3 days of the IFA show, visitors and VR enthusiasts experienced the new device and express positive comments for the device. “The device is very stylish and slim and light; I can rarely play more than 2 hours when I use my Oculus 2. But I can wear this one for a whole day, even when I need to do something in the real world, I do not have to take it off. The flip-up design is very smart, I like that.” Said Ronald Haynes from Oxford University who tried the Pancake 1. Visitors are also surprised by the fine details and high resolution of the visual quality from the small lenses.


There are still 2 days to go.

Welcome to visit us at the

Booth#: 203, Hall 2.2, IFA,

Date: 2-6th September, 2022

Address: Messedamm 22, Berlin, Germany

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