Regular Workout is boring? Try VR Fittness!

Traditional gyms are mainly based on the business model of selling cards and promoting them. The annual card fee of thousands of dollars will “keep out” a large number of junior fitness enthusiasts. Since then, a new type of gym featuring 24-hour operation, monthly payment, and no sales throughout the whole process has emerged. With the integrated online and offline digital operation model, it has successfully entered the light fitness group. Although users can choose to purchase by sessions, the price is still not friendly.

At this time, promotions of smart home fitness products frequently appeared on social media. The sales of products such as home walking machines, spinning bikes, and smart magic mirrors are rising steadily, but even with interactive large screens, exercise recording and other functions, they cannot essentially improve the user’s exercise experience. After the freshness faded, “ashes accumulator” became their final destine.

The reason is that these high-priced fitness hardware do not hit the user’s pain points, or go deep into the household scene, and the platform course content cannot meet the user’s personalized fitness needs. You must know that home fitness products actually serve the household scene, which is a subversion of the traditional geographical environment, which coincides with the characteristics of VR.

VR can place a large number of users in the same virtual space. This space can be customized, such as a space between friends, couples, or even a small sports game played by one person. It can also be a public space that can hold tens of thousands of people punching at the same time. In such an immersive atmosphere, users do not have to worry about being unwilling to move, and the content presented in VR will be attractive enough.

Some VR games can be great fat-loss tools because they introduce various mechanisms to keep users in motion and burn calories. When we walk or do high-intensity exercise such as long-distance running, our body is burning calories. However, these VR games also allow players to achieve the same effect without realizing it.

Because home fitness is in a relatively closed state, when wearing a VR headset, the player’s ability to perceive the outside world will be weakened, and the ability to stress will also be reduced accordingly. Players cannot objectively grasp their own fatigue level and breathing rhythm. Especially when fully immersed in VR, muscle injuries such as sprained feet and strains are easy to occur. Therefore, VR is not suitable for high-intensity exercise and professional fitness people, but with its fun and immersion, it is still very powerful to improve the enthusiasm of fitness beginners.

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