Virtual Reality Can Help Enterprises in Many Ways

As the increasingly slick and simplified VR technology emerges, more and more companies are thinking about what this edge-cutting technology can help for their business operation. Some pioneer companyies have already used this technology in on-board orientation, skills training and remote meetings. Let look at some of the most common applications for companies.

Firstly, staff training. Take Walmart for example. Walmart developed a simulation game designed to help employees learn about store operation. In this new approach, the results showed that VR training can increase employee retention of new information by 10% to 15%  compared to traditional human lecture training. In these VR trainings, participants may find themselves standing in a busy mall aisle, faced with various problems such as misplaced items, trash, and given 30 seconds to decide which problem to fix first. “It’s like a real experience, and the immersive experience makes you feel like you’re there,” said Trainor, senior director of Wal-Mart. In the simulated environment, managers can see how familiar employees are with various tasks and how they react in different trouble scenarios.

Secondly, accurate recruitment. Recruiters can use this new tool to gain an edge in assessing candidates, and make sure candidates clearly know what they are going to do in their new jobs. It can drop out the those who does not fit in the position in the early stage. Candidates can be assigned job-like tasks in a designed VR intervention, and recruiters can assess their performance. In addition, after passing the interview with the HR personnel, candidates can have the opportunity to wear VR glasses to experience the authentic working environments and scenarios. In the interactive game, through different choices, let them understand the challenges and options they face while working in different situations.

Thirdly, online demostration. VR technology can almost 100% simulate the real world. The time and energy consumption of traditional offline visitation is very high, but the attraction is not so conspicuous compared with VR demostration. VR can show pictures, text, music, video, and offer direct purchase links, bringing users an immersive and convenient shopping experience. VR demostration can save the cost and time of building and dismantling booth for exhibitors, and save the same of traveling and accommodation for the visitors. Additionally, online exhibition is works 7/24, and shoppers can browse it anytime and anywhere, pick items and check out. So VR can save cost and improves profits for enterprises.

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