Virtual Tour: Stay at Home but Travel all Around the World

For the elder and the disabled people, traveling around the world to enjoy different scenery and feel special cultural atmosphere sounds like a fantasy, and most of them have to give up the travel plan. Can contemporary virtual reality technology help these people to achieve their travel dream? Yes! Through virtual reality technology, they can travel to wherever they want. They can feel cruise ship going out to sea, go to the beach, enjoy Vienna State Opera concert and see the historical buildings and natural scenery of various places without taking longtime on the way, only staying at home.

What kind of experience can virtual reality bring to people? Some National Tourism Bureau using virtual reality technology to create interactive tourism service. For example, when you wear headset, you can take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum to walk around the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa Smile closely to feel the masterpiece. Besides, you can admire the Mount Everest feeling the amazing natural landscape, added the background music will make you feel like you are really traveling in the earth’s highest mountain, the landscape just in front of you. More over, National Geographic create 360 degree video, when users wear VR headset, they can swim with humpback whales in Antarctica or explore coral reefs in Indonesia.

Except the visual experience, through the websites and premium channel programs of some major theaters, you can experience plays, operas and other performances while sitting at home. This kind of auditory-based virtual experience can also be regarded as anther virtual tour. While the experience is virtual, the emotions it elicits are absolutely real. It provide more opportunity to people who want to experience different scenery but they unable to be there.

Virtual tour also can be a marketing method for the upstream and downstream ecology of the tourism industry. It is also a preliminary attempt to adapt to the current reality and cultivate user habits. In the future, it can be mature enough for more people and industries.

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