VR Application for the Industrial Design

Nowadays, virtual reality technology is not only applied in personal entertainment, but also has a deep layout in the working places. It is a wonderful design tool to get the tasks done in a brand new way.

Industrial design is an important scene of VR in industrial application. Technicians can use virtual prototyping technology to conduct simulation experiments. Preliminary research on system-related issues before the physical prototype experiment not only reduces the input of manpower and material resources, but also conducts a large number of repeated experiments with the least resources, thereby shortening the experimental period, reducing the system experiment cost and improving the experimental efficiency. It can also reduce the damage to the experimenter or the physical prototype caused by accidental errors that may occur in the physical prototype experiment. As soon as virtual reality appeared, it pays attention to relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises in industrialized countries. The Boeing 777 aircraft, a famous example, is a successful design using virtual reality technology.

The Boeing 777 is fully digital, including complete aircraft design, component testing and complete aircraft assembly. All development and testing are carried out simultaneously in different locations and in different departments using concurrent engineering methods. Take advantage of virtual reality technology to conduct simulated test flights under various conditions. Engineers collect and process data in real-time on workstations to solve design problems in a timely manner. The error of the final manufactured Boeing 777 aircraft is less than 0.001 inch compared with the design scheme, which ensures a successful docking between the fuselage and the wing and the successful launch of the aircraft. The entire design and manufacturing cycle shrinked from 8 years to 5 years.

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