VR Demostration, the Standard Configuration for Future Urban Design

Virtual reality technology play an important role in urban design for bidders. It is not only can present the virtual city environment intuitively, but also can well simulate natural disasters, such as hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc. The drainage system, power supply system, road traffic, and lakes are also can be there in the technology. Many cities have started planning for the next few decades. In urban planning, scheme design is one of the basic tasks, and the commonly used methods of planning and architectural design include architectural sand table modes, architectural 3D renderings and animations.

Although these three methods are widely used, the shortcomings are obvious. But virtual reality technology can solve these deficiencies. It can design according to the original plan and the overall renderings, fully reproduce the design effect, and feel the construction situation of the city in advance through human-computer interaction, so as to truly realize the correctness of future construction.

Participants can wear VR glasses to see the 1:1 virtual scene of the planning area. More importantly, it is also possible to immersive walk in the virtual scene. The unique sense of immersion of VR will make the participants feel the charm of planning. The blueprint of urban planning can be seen in VR virtual reality, and planners can more easily discover the problems in it, so as to solve related things in time. Therefore, in the process of urban construction, after this method is actually used, the planning of the entire construction will play an extraordinary role.

Wonderful planning no longer requires imagination, throw away those complicated planning drawings. The application of virtual reality technology to urban planning allows us immersive to see our future cities, and this application will inevitably become the standard configuration of urban planning.

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