How VR Can be Used for Education and Training

Immersive Virtual Reality(VR) is now playing an important role in education and training sectors in many countries, which has the power to positively impact how we learn. So let’s explain how VR found its place and why its functions can be leveraged.

Compared with traditional teaching methods in school, VR training not only can rise students’ interests to focus on their courses and enhance their engagement, but also can let students understand and remember the content clearly. Because VR learning is an immersive experience while the traditional teaching methods are limited in pictures and sentence, which can’t provide an interactive environment. There was an experiment conducted by Mehryar Nooriafshar, Tek Narayan Maraseni and Ron Williams showed about 88% students liked immersive VR experience rather than traditional diagrams in the textbook.

VR can provide a safe environment for employees working in high-risk industries. Effective training is extremely import especially in high risk industries. The ideal training can not only protect employees in the high risk environment for enterprise, but also make sure they can improve their skills to perform their duties, including how to defuse tensions or how to operate vehicles, from cell to aerospace, from anatomy to offshore rig. VR training solutions can simulate the all the risky scenarios without any concern of safety.

Medical training is one of the biggest beneficiary of the VR training. Before the VR training, an experienced surgeon must wait many years to watch by his tutors to operate in as many real patients as he could. Now, with the help of the Virtual Reality, a new medical student can practice any intricate sugery whenever he has time, and there is no time limitation, he can operate as many times as he needs to. VR training can not only help to upgrade the skills through practise, but also improve collaborative and interdepdendent teamwork outcome.

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