What is it Like to Paint in VR Space

The feeling of VR painting is really difficult to describe in words, and you must experience it for yourself. First of all, Get a VR Headset. Put on it, hold the handle, and after loading the drawing board, you are welcome to open the door to a new world.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night in VR

In the VR space, it is like being thrown in the center of a sphere, surrounded by pitch black curtains, and then you can freely create in this “sphere”. Because the space is limited, you can physically stand on the spot or sit on a coach, and control the paint brush movement through two handles, but if the room in the real world is infinite, you don’t need the handle control, as long as you walk around in the real world Enough.

It was the first time for a novice to paint in a virtual space, and he really experienced the feeling of “upgrading the dimension” like “2001: A Space Odyssey”, understanding three-dimensional from two-dimensional.

You can use the handle to draw in the air. The drawing board is equipped with different brush effects, flat, three-dimensional, heart-shaped, rippled, and splashed ink. You can also choose different colors, those that will sparkle fluorescent color, three-dimensional special effects, can be freely used.

Moreover, you can also control the size of myself in this virtual space, and magnify yourself into a giant, place a building below your perspective, and draw a whole row of tall buildings with an overlooking perspective, or shrink your into a sesame seed, standing on a lotus leaf to draw a dew. When you were a dinosaur, you might have left a footprint. When you shrink down to an ant, it looks like an ocean.

If you want to make some creative and irreplaceable art. VR painting is like this. It is not only a work, but also a commercial performance. When displaying a VR painting, it is necessary to integrate the painter himself with the scene, so that the audience can see your creative process in real time, and that kind of performance cannot be achieved by AI.

At this stage, it is still a thing that a small number of people are playing. There are only a handful of famous VR artists in the world. It will still have a huge commercial demand, and it may become a small sideline in the future.

In the future, “doing things” in the metaverse will not only be the joy of leading players, but it will also gradually enter the family from commercial use, so that ordinary users can also enter the world of virtual reality with the smallest consumption cost, and experience multiple people online at the same time real-time social occasions.

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