World Cup Enters New Era with Pancake 1

Different from the past, Qatar World Cup is the first major sports event that can be watched with VR headset. Therefore, in order to watch the World Cup immersively, many football fans have started buying VR glasses.

It is understood that on November 21, the very first day of the game, the sales of big screen TV and projectors increased by 240% year-on-year, and the average browsing time of projector-related pages increased by 200% year-on-year; the transaction of VR glasses increased by 430% year-on-year. This year’s event has attracted much attention from users, and the number of page viewers has increased by 154% year-on-year.

“The Pancake VR headsets on sale have attracted 53,000 fans.” According to the sales manager in’s Skyworth VR flagship store, the Pancake 1C  device is priced at 2,999 yuan(USD424). Since the start of the World Cup , the monthly sales volume of this model had exceeded 4,000 pieces. “Overall, it is the best-selling VR headset ever, due to it is the world’s lightest all-in-one pancake VR headset in the market with high clarity, it also contains 10 free VR games and live VR chatting shows, with higher playability, and almost zero negative reviews.”

Watching the football match with the Pancake 1 VR all-in-one headset can not only enter the virtual space of watching the matches similar to a open square, with a high-definition giant screen in the front. Everyone can also chat while watching, participate in various lottery check-in activities, and even put on the national football uniforms which they support in a second and take a selfie with their avatar. Just watching the game may be a bit monotonous. In the section of the World Cup Carnival Night, users can be in a fan BAR scene in the virtual world. Driven by a live DJ, they can watch the matches and cheer with the fans of the both teams. At the same time, there are celebrities & stars joining the World Cup carnival night, beautiful girls will sit by your side to watch the game and chat with you.

However, when the Pancake 1 is being enjoyed by the domestic users, the international version will be available hopefully in January, 2023, due to the international contents need more time to negociate and develop. Just stay tuned.

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