VR 3D 180° Livestream

It supports 8K live broadcasts and can present the details of nearby images. It supports up to 100M bit rate output. Whether it is dancing in front of the camera or performing dazzling performances, under an ideal network environment, there will be no situations that affect the viewing experience such as a blurred screen.

What live broadcast scenarios are VR 3D180°suitable for? It can be said that most scenes that use live cameras or mobile phones can use VR 3D180 live broadcast to upgrade the viewing experience.

The first is the live broadcast of various shows. The 3D immersion feels as if you are only half a meter away from the anchor face-to-face. Not only can you see the three-dimensional outline, but the facial expressions including the interaction with the camera are all rushing to your face. The second is e-commerce delivery. How good is a piece of clothing on the body, and what is the trial effect of a product? Another typical application scenario is object teaching. The handicraft skills in front of the 3D camera are precious digital wealth. It is a brand new attempt in the fields of intangible cultural inheritance and art creation appreciation. Real 3D images that can closely observe medical samples or patients' condition status are also meaningful for the research of rare cases, and 3D remote consultation can realize the optimal allocation of medical resources.

More meaningful and valuable application scenarios are waiting for us to explore.